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VS100 Type Marine VSAT, Marine Communication Equipment

VS45 type Marine VSAT, satcom high speed satellite Internet

VS60 type Marine VSAT, satcom high speed satellite internet

VS80 type Marine VSAT, best satellite internet, Marine communication equipment

SP60 type Marine TVRO, satellite television systems

High quality marine television system,SP45 Marine TVRO ,satellite tv boat tv antenna

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Zhejiang Starlight Electronic Science And Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2009.It is a private high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, sales and operation and service of satellite communication equipment. The company strives to provide the clients, both enterprises and individuals, with convenient, fast and competitive one-stop VSAT satellite digital solutions. Our products are widely applied in ocean shipping, military, coast guard, fishery, emergency communications, automotive and other fields, enabling real time information sharing between sea and land. The embedded marine internet network also allows the users to enjoy the efficient and rapid satellite service anytime and anywhere, including web surfing, email and video transmission, WeChat, and telephone voice service.

The company owns three subsidiaries, which are the Sea Pass (Zhoushan) Satellite Telecommunications Co., LTD., Chuantong Network Technology co., LTD. (Shanghai),and Haishangtong (Wenling) Quick-frozen Seafood Co., LTD., engaging in satellite telecommunication service, application software development, high quality ultra-low temperature (-60 ℃) seafood sales and other relevant business.